About Route66 & Me

Route66 was brainstormed at a recent Elite Retreat (5/17) with Danelle Delgado, my World Class Business Coach and Mentor,  along with 20 other genius Entrepreneurs.  What an amazing journey to share with those who now are my Best Tribe Forever (BTF), with each of them functioning at a high level of success!  You can see a collection of photos and related stories on my FaceBook.

The purpose of Route66 Optimum Health is to share inspiring knowledge & stories I have learned & experienced over my lifetime, as well as provide knowledge and value to you today.  I am a retired Nurse with my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN).  I worked for over 33 yrs striving to be the best I could be in my career.  I gave as much value as I could while inspiring, educating, entertaining & caring for the person/patient as well as their significant others.

Since I retired in 2010, and now at the age of 66, I want to continue to be of value to others. I am formulating and building this website, with a free private FaceBook Group and a Blog. I'll be offering classes, videos, and content of value and humor to help others pursue a life of fulfillment, health, love and laughter.

My content will focus on 4 areas.  They are broad areas with room for multi-faceted ideas to be expanded upon.  Please drop a comment on any ideas or requests for topics you would like covered.

#1 Health & Nutrition (clean eating)

#2 Movement & Exercise (up & down)

#3 Self Care (clearing your path )

#4 Personal Development (attitude & gratitude)

My ideal follower would be a female Baby Boomer born between 1946-1964 (per definition), however, that can be stretched either way (male, female, younger, older) according to your interests, or your passion for my content.  I'm open to all positive people interested in living a full and healthful life, helping yourself as well as others.

I look forward to improving your life's journey in some way, as well as connecting, living, learning and laughing together! Thanks for your interest and taking your time to check this out!

Deb B


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Back to Basics

I will become an affiliate for other people, places, or things that I find of value and feel you would too. However, I will not sell or provide your email to any other 3rd party.  It would stay strictly with route66optimumhealth.com for communication purposes only, unless you request otherwise.  I will  provide links to other websites.  I will use the platform of my website, blog, Face Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zoom and other platforms of Social Media as needed.

Disclaimer:  Any information associated with route66optimumhealth.com or myself is not intended as medical advice.  If this is a life threatening situation call 911. Contact the Emergency Room, Urgent care facility , and/or your private physician for any medical concerns, advice or necessary services. I am not responsible in any way for any links to any services or products I may recommend. This is for information only.  The reader must do their due diligence for themselves.

Thank you!

Deb B




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Construction Zone

This whole website is currently under construction.  Watch for updates and completion happening soon.

Thank you for visiting.  I value our connection as I do your time.

Have many Happy Healthy Days ahead!

Peace out!

Deb B


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My Company and Me

I am a Health Advocate for Baby Boomers. If I don't have the answer to your questions, I will do my best to find out and provide the best answer and resources known to me. I take pride in providing the most cutting edge information and science regarding your health.  My primary focus is you and what will best meet your needs. With the age of Google there is an incredible amount of information available to us at our finger tips.  We must learn to use it to our advantage. I want to combine my experience and knowledge with the current research and resources to provide an up to date, informative, and entertaining plethora of valuable information for you.

Besides being a Health Advocate, a Retired Nurse with a BSN, I am also a  Professional Network Marketer with a health related company and believe that establishing a residual stream of income is paramount to protecting and providing for yourself, your family, your future as well as allowing you the ability to help others.  My goal in the near future is to be in a position of Financial and Time Freedom, allowing me the choice of how I want to spend my time and monetary resources.  If I choose to give to other organizations and/or start my own, so be it.  I'm free to choose.  After all, that is what our country's Armed Forces fight for, our Freedom! Thank you to those who serve!

My company is a publicly traded company and offers an all natural health product which has multiple patents, and is currently being studied by major Universities across the country; University of Oregon, University of Washington, Harvard to name a few. The most recent findings, published in March of this year 2017,  after a 17 yr study performed by the National Institute of Aging (NIA),  were that this patented synergistic natural formula has been proven to extend life!!  Does that knock your socks off or what??!! The FDA even allows us to say, it is the only natural product available known to extend life!

If you find this of any interest to you and would like more information, please send me a message on FaceBook or to my email.

My email is Deb@route66optimumhealth.com

My FaceBook is Facebook.com/deb.ballinger

I look forward to connecting in what ever way serves you best!

Thank you in advance!

Deb B



Next Steps...

Come Back Soon and see what's up next! Currently I can be reached easiest on Face Book Messenger or by email.

facebook.com/deb.ballinger   Or

email: Deb.route66optimumhealth.com

Thank you from your Health Advocate,

Deb B